Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ze Boss (early 90s)

Typical, cliché stuff ;)

Cartooning interruptus

This was probably in the mid 80s.

Very often, I would start a strip, without any planning or idea of what it was going to be about.
And very often it would just stop abruptly, without warning, my inspiration gone. 
I'm not very good at scripting, well actually I'm just too lazy.

I'll post more of these when I stumble upon them.

Joe Kentuky

While doodling away between cooking batches of chicken at KFC (1982), I drew this.

I had an idea (that I never followed through, of course) for a comic strip about a KFC delivery man, driving a VW bus, and in constant competition with the rival chicken place.

I get a nice warm fuzzy feeling from this drawing. No idea why.